what is even happening on degrassi I’m so confused just reading the tags bc i don’t watch anymore?

Anonymous wondered:
i miss this blog


proof that nobody watches this show anymore

Shit, I don’t even watch it anymore

Anonymous wondered:
Why don't you update this blog anymore?

How am I supposed to update this blog without submissions…..? I’m not withholding secrets from you guys, they stopped coming a long time ago. 

Anonymous wondered:
Whats your IG? I need it for thelastmedia com

Idk what that is but ryanort1z

haileyoffthewall wondered:
You're really rude to you followers/submitters. Why? And you're wrong about a lot. It just bothers me how ignorant you are. Clare was never pregnant and Jenna never got an abortion. Ever.

u r dumb

Anonymous wondered:
Do you still have a personal?

Yep. Mxbms.tumblr.com

posted 1 year ago