proof that nobody watches this show anymore

Shit, I don’t even watch it anymore

Anonymous wondered:
Why don't you update this blog anymore?

How am I supposed to update this blog without submissions…..? I’m not withholding secrets from you guys, they stopped coming a long time ago. 

Anonymous wondered:
Whats your IG? I need it for thelastmedia com

Idk what that is but ryanort1z

haileyalltimelow wondered:
You're really rude to you followers/submitters. Why? And you're wrong about a lot. It just bothers me how ignorant you are. Clare was never pregnant and Jenna never got an abortion. Ever.

u r dumb

Anonymous wondered:
Do you still have a personal?


posted 1 year ago
Anonymous wondered:
Can you PLEASE stop posting omyon's confessions? They're annoying and not at all relevant to the show.

you’re annoying and not relevant to my interest

you mother fuckers want to see non-trolling secrets? SUBMIT SOME OR GO AWAY